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Who said you cannot organise a party during quarantine?

Who said you cannot organise a party during quarantine?

Wondering whether you should throw a little birthday party indoors for your little one and his/her siblings? Why not! It's fine to celebrate in small numbers, i.e just immediate family ❤

Celebrations during quarantine are novel to all of us, we are not used to these circumstances. However, there is loads you can do! Here are some ideas Swag Party Bags is proposing to have the most awesome birthday celebration!

🎂 Bake a birthday cake together with your family. Not only does it involve creativity but it also creates memories! It's a great time to bond as a family.

🤠 Play fancy dress, let the birthday girl or boy dress up as their favourite character! Allow them to choose their own outfits, let them run around the house in their favourite party dress or costume, it's their special day after all!

🎈Fill your home with balloons and home made decorations. Balloons are inexpensive and can really brighten up the place. And we really need our homes to be brightened up a little right now!

🛍 Allow your kids to make their own party bags - Find some empty paper bags at home, decorate them and put some little toys inside. This is a great activity help them build creativity, they will have loads of fun doing this. 

🎁 Play birthday party games like Pass the Parcel, make your own Limbo and play with all the family. Enjoy wrapping your parcels with different magazine sheets and newspapers laying around at home. Build your own limbo with some chairs and a broom stick! You will realise how inexpensive party celebrations can be!

📱Host a virtual birthday party on Zoom or Facebook Messenger. Enjoy your celebration by catching up with all your friends and family on a video chat. It's amazing how beneficial this is to anyone going through social distancing!

🦏 Take a virtual trip to the museum. Museums, zoos, and theme parks around the world are offering free virtual tours right now, which means you can see exhibits at the Louvre, the Vatican, the San Diego Zoo, and more from the comfort of your couch. Set up a group chat while you navigate and make it a fun event.

🎲Play a boardgame with all the family. There are loads of board games the whole family can enjoy! A great way of diverting screen time to a family event. Challenge each other and enjoy those family moments.

So, moral of the story... while you may not be able to throw the bash you had planned, there's no reason to skip the festivities altogether. If you or someone you love has a birthday coming up, plan one of these birthday party ideas you can do at home. Everyone should still feel special on their big day!

Times are hard, and they may even get harder it's a learning curve for us all. The most important thing for me, during this time is my family's happiness. Not how many crafts my kids are doing, not how much homework they manage to do in a day. I just want my kids, and my husband to feel loved and have a smile on their face because as they say 'Love makes the world go round'!

Enjoy these moments and turn them into beautiful memories! Much love and stay safe! (At home 😉) xx