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Who knew Peppa likes to party?

Who knew Peppa likes to party?

2 months down the line. What an amazing journey my Swag Party Bags venture has turned out to be! Loving every second! So many things to love:

1) The accomplishment of creating my own brand 👍

2) The endless possibilities to be creative 😍

3) Making my utmost to be professional and giving top service to my clients🔝

4) Getting to know lovely customers... you know who you are👋

5) Receiving orders is so satisfying 😊

6) Receiving positive reviews and recommendations on my Facebook page just makes my day🙏

7) Making my kids little stars 🤩

Shall i keep going? Ok I'll stop here because this blog is really meant to be about our NEW prefilled party bag! But I'm known to get carried away at times. So just stop me.

Ok... So what i really wanted to talk to you about is our new Prefilled Peppa Bag! Did you recognise the little girl in the picture? Yes, finally... That's my daughter Megan! I had been longing to use her face for one of the prefilled bags, but i never thought she was quite the perfect fit for any of the girlie ones so far. But this one had her name written all over it! Imagine she learnt to say the word 'Peppa' before she said the word 'Mama', isn't that cute? Ermmm... No! This little pig has taken the world by storm and my little toddler is in love. Oh well to each his own! So I thought the Peppa character would make a great prefilled party bag! It has some really cute items inside! Wanna see?

 A super cute canvas drawstring bag

A random Ladybird Peppa Pig Storybook 

A random Peppa Pig family member figure

And a random Peppa Pig Sticker sheet!

Cool or what? We love this bag and we are so excited to have launched it! Did you know we also have Peppa and George paper masks that can be purchased seperately?

Any Peppa lovers out there are surely going to enjoy organising their Peppa themed party, don't you think? 

So at this rate I think tonight I'm going to dream about Peppa Pig (hopefully not!) I need a break from this little mammal 😊 so I think I'm gonna find myself a grown up movie! Let's see how long I will last... being a working mama is tiring 😉 So long everyone! Cheerio, Julia